"Find and Keep the Joy in Your Life"


Comments from Participants regarding changes in their life as a result of the Seminar:

  • " I learned to say ‘no’ - to deal with my passive-aggressive son and to be able to talk to my daughter"
  • "I am now aware of what I need to resolve from years ago - I am able to communicate better with my husband and children"
  • "It reinforced the important things and gave me a focal point to improve my quality of life - I am happier and have a more positive outlook on my life and my job. I can also recognize areas that I will need further help in, e.g. my relationship with my husband - The Seminar was everything I’d hoped it would be."
  • "I became aware of many bad or negative habits I had and I was able to deal with and work on changes - I can say no more often and I am learning to not worry about things I cannot change"
  • "Calmness, peace, assertiveness"
  • "Yes, choices, choices, choices ! - stronger, smile more, don’t let small things bother me"
  • "It helped lower my stress which lowered anger - happier, more empathetic, more able to cope"
  • "I’ve noticed that I can maintain calmness even when others are getting stressed around me"
  • "Made me aware of emotions that I really wasn’t dealing with - more assertive, feel more in control - am doing something about unsatisfying relationship - I AM HAPPY AGAIN"