"Find and Keep the Joy in Your Life"


The art of conscious living - to stay in awareness - mindfulness is a CHOICE that we make every day and every moment of each day

  • ever take a drive and not remember the trip ? Where were you? When were you? (Future or past but NOT in the moment)...what have you missed ?
  • ever spend a day ruminating on a problem or having one thought after another run through your mind? What have you missed?
  • have you ever spent a day on automatic pilot and not even been aware of it? What did you miss?
  • ever had family members describe happy events that you don't remember? What have you missed? When would you like to experience happy events? (When they are happening) What do you miss if you aren't in the moment?

Where is it that we find inner peace?

When is it that we find inner peace? (Not past or future)

Mindfulness involves acceptance of the moment - this does not mean resignation but rather acknowledgment that what is happening is happening

The best way to capture moments is to pay attention.

Mindfulness means being awake

Bringing awareness to our breathing will help to stay anchored in the present

Mindfulness is a conscious commitment in each moment to being present without judgment

You don't have to do rather You just allow yourself to BE...to dwell in stillness

The joy of non-doing is that nothing needs to happen for this moment to be complete

Non-doing simply means letting things be and allowing them to unfold in their own way

If we are not present in the moment then whole days even whole lives can slip by unnoticed

Mindfulness is not about feeling differently it's about feeling what you feel

Mindfulness also involves a commitment to not contribute to your own suffering

Mindfulness means catching our thoughts as they arise and asking if they serve us...are your thoughts projections...reactions...uninformed...compassionate...kind...do they contribute or take away from your happiness

We need to practice mindfulness to keep our lives more simple and to remember what is really important

We can be mindful and experience everything that we do...washing the dishes...keeping our homes in order...BEING mindful is BEING alive

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