"Find and Keep the Joy in Your Life"

Odds N Ends

Here are some links to various media files that left me feeling warm or just made me say "isn't that neat!" I hope you enjoy them.

Chinese Dancers
There's more to this than meets the eye. These dancers are all  hearing impaired. Their incredible coordination is due to the cues they get from the directors at the side of the stage. This was recorded from a live performance by this group for The Chinese New Year, 2005.  This is truly beautiful.

If Ever
This is a Beautiful Power Point Presentation showing you some of the magnificent scenery to be enjoyed on Vancouver Island.

Talk Talk
This is a really tastefully done ad for telephone service.

Tooth Fairy
Another ad designed to warm your heart and make you smile. 

Why Dogs Have So Many Friends
Who can resist great pictures of puppies! This Power Point presentation is very cute.

Citrus Fruit Art
All the pictures in the Power Point presentation are make out of Oranges and Lemmons.  Amazing!

This is Love
No one can define love like a child.

The Beauty of Winter
This is another really beautiful Power Point presentation.

My All-Time Favorite Video
how can you not help but smile?!

Ice Sculptures
A beautiful power point slide show

Ice Storm
So you think you know what an ice storm is like? Check out this Power Point slide show

Ten Things God Won't Ask
A beautiful power point presentations the may help you gain perspective