"Find and Keep the Joy in Your Life"

Stress Seminars

They're Thought Provoking
- Insightful - Informative - and Fun

For many people these seminars are a life changing experience.

"The credit for the changes in peoples lives belongs to the participants - I simply try to give them the information they need in an enjoyable format. In the end it is the participants who do the work and it is the participants who make the changes"

~ Marg Nelson


  • I'd love to introduce myself if I only knew who I am.
  • Goodbye to Guilt.
  • The Fun of Forgiveness.
  • Anger - it can crack you up or you can scramble your own eggs.
  • The Awareness Game.
  • Be Aware - not wary !
  • Anger - Action, not Reaction, saves you the anguish of Inaction.
  • Staying Cool when you're steamed.
  • Making Molehills out of Mountains.
  • Living - the next best thing to Life.
  • Eating your own words tastes much better if they're sweet.
  • Naps - the Final Frontier.
  • Good Grief !

I know you think you understand what you thought I said - but, I need you to know that what I said is not necessarily what I meant.

Life is not a test - it's an actual emergency !

Why is it that when I'm finally holding all the cards everyone else decides to play chess?

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