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The Butterfly

A man found a butterfly cocoon and took it home so as to watch the butterfly emerge. One day he noticed a tiny little hole in the cocoon, so he sat down to watch for several hours. The man saw the butterfly striving to pass its body through the small hole in the cocoon, until there was a moment when it seemed to stop struggling. It seemed to be stuck.

The kind man decided to help the butterfly. With a small pair of scissors, he cut the hole in the cocoon to make it bigger. It was only then that the butterfly could finally emerge. However, on coming out, the butterfly had a swollen body and very small, folded wings. The man kept watching, expecting that any minute the wings would unfold and grow enough to support the body, but the butterfly could only creep in circles with its swollen body and folded wings.

What the man in his kindness and urgency did not understand was that the restriction of the tiny hole in the cocoon and the struggle of the butterfly forced the butterfly's bodily fluids toward its wings so they would grow big and strong, enabling it to fly. Depriving the butterfly of struggle meant depriving it of its health and freedom.

How many times have we wished to take the shortcuts to get rid of difficulties, grabbing those scissors and trimming the effort to be free! Sometimes struggling is what we need in life. If we were allowed to progress in life with no hindrances, we would become disabled. It is in the struggling that we become strong and ultimately earn our freedom.

-- author unknown

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